Discover the social etiquette required when your child is introduced to Simon Le Bon wearing an X rated Tom of Finland T-shirt. Mince pies are eaten. 2 new things are introduced – Twitter and Gotye (both of them went on to do quite well). Simon sings the one line Christmas blues.

Music in this show : N.A.P.T – “Gotta have more cowbell”, His Majesty Andre – “Music non stop”, Phonat and Supermal – “Pixelated”, The Young Punx – “I’ve got speakers as big as your girl”, The Young Punx – “Juice and Gin (Riva Starr)”, Gotye – “Heart’s a mess”, L.B.J – “Water Olive”, Deltawave – “No Compromise”, The Young Punx – “Lola’s Ghost” (Deadmau5 “Ghost N Stuff” VS Shapeshifters “Lola’s Theme”), Goshi Goshi – “The Lock Shot”, Guthrie Govan – “Waves”, John Zorn / Naked City – “Fuck the facts”. FIRST BROADCAST NOVEMBER 2008.