2 hours of rip snorting house, electro, disco and total mayhem. Find out the latest hot news on Simon’s internet search for a girlfriend. Mice On Toast supply an original song ABOUT the podcast. The lyrics of “Bell dem slags” are translated into English. Witness the demise of 2 glasses, a drawer, a curry and a hard drive. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

MUSIC IN THIS SHOW: Krafty Kuts – ‘A Krafty Symphony’, Crazy P – ‘Disc Odyssey’, Duck Sauce – ‘Anyway’, A Skillz – ‘Strawberry Jam Forever’, Major Lazer – ‘Cash Flow’, Phonat – ‘Love hits the fan’, (soundbed : John B – ‘Romantic’), The Young Punx – “Ready for the fight feat. Count Bass D (Black Noise Remix)’, Mice on Toast – “Do me”, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Live, large and in charge’, Pendulum and Freestylers – ‘Fasten your seatbelts’, Crooked Still – “Ain’t no grave’, Conquering Lion – ‘Code Red (Serial_Killaz_VIP)’, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Freaky Freaky’, The Young Punx – ‘MASHitUP (Junior Black Remix), The Young Punx – ‘MASHitUP (Kam Denny Dub)’, Blue Pearl – ‘Naked in the rain (Sidechains mix)’, Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls on parade’, Major Lazer – ‘Can’t Stop’, Duck Sauce – “You’re Nasty”, Newham Generals – ‘Bell Dem Slags’, Chacaron VS Sugarhill Gang – “Chaca’s Delight”, The Young Punx – “You, You, You”, Greg Holden – “Strings”, Toto – “Africa”. FIRST BROADCAST NOVEMBER 2009.

ep26. FIRE ALARM!!!

Following on DIRECTLY from recording Episode 25, under the influence of too many beers Nathan played a ROCKER of a deep club DJ set. Then the fire alarm went off. As did the party. Pretty intense.

Music in this show: Boy 8-Bit – Chapel of Ghouls, Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (All Night Long) (Trentemoller Remix), Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You, Seductive – Ultimate Rise feat. Luxx (Jamaican Remix), L-Vis 1990 – Ultimate Groove Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo – Moombah (Afrojack Remix), Nadastrom – Pussy, Dirty Funker – Flat Beat (Tube & Berger Remix), Maurizio Gubellini – Insane (Vocal Mix), Zombie Disco Squad – Vie, Mogwai – I Am A DJ (Horrors Mix), Wolfgang Gartner – The Grey Agenda, Spencer & Hill – Cool (Afrojack Remix), Mason – At The Hippo Bar, Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There (Dub), Renaissance Man – Dubbo. FIRST BROADCAST OCTOBER 2009.


The first of classic era of shows presented by Hal, Betto and Nathan together. Nathan attempts to eat a microwaved ‘Great British Menu Turkey Dinner’. Hal puts a call out to find Betto a girlfriend. Michael Jackson dies. Betto sings a song about his balls. All in a days work.

Music in this show : Phonat – “Set Me free (Avicii Mix)”, The Young Punx – “Ready or the fight (Feat count bass D)”, “Holiday Lover” (Dizzee Rascal “Holiday” VS Prince “I wanna be your lover”, Sharooz – “Adrenalyze”, Calvin Harris “Not alone (Doorly Mix)”, Diplo and Laidback Luke – “Hey (Black Noise Mix)”, Deltawave – “Rock n Roll Medusa”, Sakanaction – “Ame (B)”, The Young Punx – “It Doesn’t Stop”, Caged Baby – “Medicine”, The Young Punx – “Rock Star (Understand) [Shinichi Osawa Mix]”, Hott 22 – “Wicked Games (Thomas Gold Mix)”, Spinal Tap – “(Funky) Sex Farm”, Riton – “Who’s There”, Ezio – “The same mistake as me”, Phonat – “It’s for you”. FIRST BROADCAST AUGUST 2009.


For the first time in history, Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” is performed entirely on Warsteiner Beer Bottles. The less well know “Ferrero Rond Noir” gets a snack review. 5/4 electronica from Max Neutra. Find out what a “Boratcaster” is. Experiment with the new Moog Voyager synth. Plus NuDisco, House Music, Drum and Bass, and oldskool HipHop bangers!

Music in this show : The Young Punx – Juice and Gin, The Young Punx – Also sprach Zarathustra, Phonat – Get down my dirty street, Phonat – Set me free, His Majesty Andre – Peep Thong, Hostage – Shake it, Lazy Jay – Float my boat, The Young Punx – MASHitUP, Tasmanian Disco Stampede – Taking Over, Chase and Status – Against all odds feat. Kano, Big Daddy Kane – Raw, Just Ice – Cold Gettin’ Dumb, Phonat – Bad Boy, Slumdogz – Jai Ho (Wez Clarke mix), Max Neutra – Cosmic Greeting, The Young Punx – Interplanetary, The Rickrollerz – Never gonna give you up. FIRST BROADCAST MARCH 2009.


Discover the social etiquette required when your child is introduced to Simon Le Bon wearing an X rated Tom of Finland T-shirt. Mince pies are eaten. 2 new things are introduced – Twitter and Gotye (both of them went on to do quite well). Simon sings the one line Christmas blues.

Music in this show : N.A.P.T – “Gotta have more cowbell”, His Majesty Andre – “Music non stop”, Phonat and Supermal – “Pixelated”, The Young Punx – “I’ve got speakers as big as your girl”, The Young Punx – “Juice and Gin (Riva Starr)”, Gotye – “Heart’s a mess”, L.B.J – “Water Olive”, Deltawave – “No Compromise”, The Young Punx – “Lola’s Ghost” (Deadmau5 “Ghost N Stuff” VS Shapeshifters “Lola’s Theme”), Goshi Goshi – “The Lock Shot”, Guthrie Govan – “Waves”, John Zorn / Naked City – “Fuck the facts”. FIRST BROADCAST NOVEMBER 2008.


Spooky Halloween party mashup mix specially commissioned by Annie Nightingale for her Radio One breaks show.

Music in this show : The Young Punx – “The Matrix Rebooted” (intro dialog), Japan – “Ghosts” VS Luke Solomon – “Ghouls (Claude Von Stroke Mix)”, Giant Jr. VS Eartha Kitt – “I want to be evil (The Young Punx Mix)”, Michael Jackson – “Thriller”, New Atlantic – “Yes to Satan” VS Stanton Warriors – “Pop Ya Cork”, (dialog : The Mighty Boosh – “Don’t mess with the occult”) Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” VS Slyde – “You’re my fix”, Plump DJs – “Snake Eyes” VS The Specials – “Ghost Town” VS Chase and Status – “Eastern Jam”, Gerard McMahon – “Cry Little Sister (Lost Boys Theme) (Litespeid and Kayden Mix)”, The Young Punx – “Dancing with the devil” (/ Motorhead – “The Ace of Spades”), (dialog : Medium Derek Acorah on “Most Haunted” – “Mary loves dick”) Spinal Tap – “Stone Henge”, John B – “Vampire Eyes”, Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast”, VS Chase and Status – “Represent”, The Young Punx – “MASHitUP (Goshi Goshi Mix)”. FIRST BROADCAST OCTOBER 2008.


Includes the phrases “They were all making papier mache balls in the background”, “We were living in an apartment over the clit bar” and “Shall we discuss Arman’s ring?”. Hal and Betto improvise the ballad “When a man has a podcast”. Plus fresh cuts of Drum and bass, electro-house, disco and breaks.

Music in this show : Chase and Status – “Pieces (ft Plan B)”, Sound Bed – Phonat “Ghetto Burnin”, The Young Punx – “MashitUP (Goshi Goshi Mix), Goshi Goshi – “The Lock Shot”, Sound Bed – Howard Jones – “Revolution of the heart”, Operator Please – “Just a song about ping pong (Kissy Sell Out Mix), The Young Punx – “Mars sounds better with me (Fake Blood vs Stardust)”, Freestylers VS Cameo – “Push up word up”, Medcab vs The Young Punx – “The Roof”, Andy Caldwell – “Funk Nasty feat Gram ma Funk (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)”, Deltawave – Neon, Greg Holden – Strings. FIRST BROADCAST OCTOBER 2008.


Hal is joined in the studio by Betto and punx co-founder Cameron as Betto attempts to come down from touring the USA by selling wooden furniture. Also… discover the most important electronic track of the decade… This week’s snack review is the Ferrero Rocher, as presented by the Italian hazelnut mafia.

Music in this show : Le corps mince de françoise – “Cool and bored”, The Young Punx – “MASHitUP (Shir Khan Remix)”, Gameboy/gamegirl – “Sweaty wet/ dirty damp (Shir Khan Remix)”, Phonat – “The big deal”, Unknown – “Don’t go”, The Young Punx – “Fire (Phonat mix)”, The Young Punx – “Fire (Solitaire mix)”, Bomb the bass – “Bugpowder dust (La funk mob remix)”, Vandalism vs Chicken Lips – “Do it proper”, Slyde – “Sex and drugs”, Phonat – “Learn to recycle”, The Young Punx – “Ready for the fight (feat Count Bass D)”, Greg Holden – “The art of falling” . FIRST BROADCAST JULY 2008.