Superstar rapper Example drops into the studio to perform Kickstarts and Dominoes live with his band, plus Mint Jelly, Gingerbread Skeletons, Live dubstep,  some dibstip, drum and bass, disco, grime, house, a random Scotsman and a  ripped snowboard bag!

Brookes Brothers – Tears you down, Phonat – Intimate Confessions,
Devlin Feat. Yasmin – Runaway, 5eya – As its loud,
Max Neutra – Automation Addiction, Everything Everything – MY KZ, YR BF, Fred Falke – When I look into your eyes (Quinten 909 Rework), Phonat – Ghetto_Burnin (Bahar Canca Mix), Weekend Millionaires – Barbra Streisand, LL Ton J – Roger More [EXAMPLE LIVE SESSION: Example – Kickstarts, Example – Dominoes ] Shy FX – Raver, Big Boi – Shutterbug, D Double E – Bad 2 Tha Bone, His Majesty Andre – Nightflight, His Majesty Andre – Getaways, Zinc – Bounce Up, Zinc – GTAC, Everything Everything – MY KZ, YR BF (Grum Mix), Gotye – Eyes Wide Open, Films of Colour – Actions, Max Neutra – The Message. FIRST BROADCAST November 2010


This month Newham Generals, upcoming grime superstars from Dizzee Rascal’s posse, drop by the studio for live PAs, freestyles, drinks, a laugh and the best in new electronic music…

Music in this show : The Young Punx – ‘Ready For The Fight (Phonat’s Punkstep Mix)’, Example – ‘Time Machine’, Phonat – ‘Love Hits The Fan (Bestrack Remix)’, Breakage – ‘Hard (feat. Newham Generals)’ LIVE PA, Newham Generals – ‘Head Get Mangled’ LIVE PA, Lorenze Rhode – ‘Something Hot feat. Snax (Savage Skulls Mix), Phoenix – ‘Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)’, Sub Focus – ‘Rock It’, Footsie – Freestyle, Count Bass D – ‘Dwight Spitz’, Starkillers – ‘Bitch Ass Trick’, Dee Double E – Freestyle, Newham Generals – ‘Dat Guy’ LIVE PA, Warrior One – ‘Bad Like Jimmy Cliff’, Newham Generals – ‘No Matter’ LIVE PA, Amanda Palmer – ‘Leeds United’, MVSEUM – ‘French Jeans (Dada Life Remix)’, Ocelot – Our Time (Calvertron Remix), MC Paul Barman – ‘Excuse You’, Boy George – ‘Amazing Grace (Acoustic Chillout Version)’, The Vapours – ‘Turning Japanese’, The Young Punx – ‘Final Destination’, Gotye – ‘Learnalilgivinanlovin’. First broadcast February 2010.

ep31. THONG!

The one where Simon wears only a gold thong. Nuff said.

The Young Punx – A Million Stars (DEMO), Xinobi – Valsa in NJ, WebQueary – Searching, Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Disco, Phonat – Ghetto Burnin, Fantastic Plastic Machine – Madness, Fantastic Plastic Machine – If you do I do, Simon Iddol – Dirty Like Day (The Young Punx VS Michael Jackson), DJ Bc – Unbelievable Juice and Gin (EMF VS The Young Punx), A plus D – Final Telephone (Lady Gaga VS The Young Punx), Keenhouse – Ari-es (Grum Mix), Just Hal – Creation (Tristan D Mix), Lars Moston – So Sick (Max Cherry Mix), Delphic – Halcyon (L-Vis 1990 Dub), The Young Punx – Young and Beautiful (Acapella), Vato Gonzalez – Badman Riddim, Fantastic Plastic Machine – Forever Mine, Plasma – Crazy (Neo Tokyo Mix), Chase & Status – Music Club, Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast Mix), The Young Punx – SugarCandySuperNova (Redroche Mix), The Young Punx – Ready For The Fight (Wez Clarke Mix), Rafeal Frost – Run to you (Scumfrog Mix), Lazy Jay – Float My Boat, Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty, Phonat – Love Hits The Fan (IAM ONE mix), Hostage – Dub My Disco, Phil Retro Spector – Monkey Gone To Opera (The Young Punx VS Pixies VS Goldfrapp). FIRST BROADCAST MAY 2010.


AKA Plopp, Spunk and Skumbananer. With special guest Frank The Dog, exclusive behind the scenes recordings of Dizzee Rascal live, a world first of grime freestyling over the gallery music from Take Hart and a snack review special of Scandinavian confectionery. Honest.

Music In This Show: The Young Punx – SugarCandySuperNova (Superfrank Mix), Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix), Krust – Warhead, Dunproofin – Hard to boot, Gorillaz – Empire Ants, Breakage – Foundation, The Young Punx – Simple Pleasures, Steady & Co – Pass Da Mic, DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter, Binary Star – Electrolux, Max Neutra – The Message, Phonat – Love Hits The Fan (DCUP Mix), M’Black -Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix), Pheonix – If I Ever Feel Better, The Young Punx – Burn Burn Burn, Dee Double E – Freestyle VS The Noveltones – Left Bank Two, Dizzee Rascal – Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem (Live rehearsal), Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (Drum and Bass version) (Live rehearsal), Stupid Fresh – Do The Dog, “Nathan’s Dark Corner” – Claude Von Stroke – Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix) VS Sir Mix-a-lot – Baby Got Back, Rainbow Arabia – Holiday in Congo (Mexicans with Guns Remix), Groove Armada – I See You Baby (Clockwork Remix), The Chi Lites – Are You My Woman, Daft Punk – Crescendolls, John Scofield – The Nag (The Young Punx Bootleg Old Demo), Major Lazor – PonDeFoley (Ludachrist Mix), Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. FIRST BROADCAST APRIL 2010.

ep28. GONG!

While the snow falls gently in the quiet darkness of olde London outside… 2 hours of house, grime, dubstep, filthy electro, DnB, banter, mayhem, muppets, skiis, goths, drink… and gongs.

MUSIC IN THIS SHOW: Mason ft. DMC & Sam Sparro – ‘Corrected’, Redroche VS Primal Scream – ‘Uptown’, The Count and Sinden – ‘Elephant 1234’, Uffie – ‘MCs Can Kiss’, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Dirtee Cash (Phonat Mix)’, Fukkk Offf – ‘I’m A Freak’, Secousse All Stars – ‘Secousse (Riva Starr Remix)’, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Oldskool (live with The Young Punx)’, Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – ‘Blau (LA Riots Remix)’, Goshi Goshi – ‘Ravin’ Cru’, The Count and Sinden – ‘Strange Things (High Rankin Mix)’, Major Lazer – ‘When you hear the bassline’, The Police – ‘Roxanne (Discotech Remix)’, Braund Reynolds – “Rocket (The Young Punx Mix)’, The Young Punx – ‘Simple Pleasures’, The Cure – ‘Boys don’t cry’, Roxy Music – ‘Same old scene’, Benga – ‘Stop Watching’, Gotye – ‘Thanks for your time’, ‘Murderer’, Conquering Lion – ‘Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP Mix)’, Newham Generals – ‘Head get mangled’, Unnamed demos, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Stand up tall VS Smells like teen spirit LIVE with The Young Punx’, John B – ‘Bland wagon poos (Rinse it out proppa)’, The Crazy Fool – Mahna Mahna, The Young Punx – ‘Rock Star (Understand)’, Guthrie Govan – ‘Fives’, The Young Punx ft. Count Bass D – ‘Like Dat’, Bjork – ‘Aurora’. FIRST BROADCAST JANUARY 2010.


2 hours of rip snorting house, electro, disco and total mayhem. Find out the latest hot news on Simon’s internet search for a girlfriend. Mice On Toast supply an original song ABOUT the podcast. The lyrics of “Bell dem slags” are translated into English. Witness the demise of 2 glasses, a drawer, a curry and a hard drive. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

MUSIC IN THIS SHOW: Krafty Kuts – ‘A Krafty Symphony’, Crazy P – ‘Disc Odyssey’, Duck Sauce – ‘Anyway’, A Skillz – ‘Strawberry Jam Forever’, Major Lazer – ‘Cash Flow’, Phonat – ‘Love hits the fan’, (soundbed : John B – ‘Romantic’), The Young Punx – “Ready for the fight feat. Count Bass D (Black Noise Remix)’, Mice on Toast – “Do me”, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Live, large and in charge’, Pendulum and Freestylers – ‘Fasten your seatbelts’, Crooked Still – “Ain’t no grave’, Conquering Lion – ‘Code Red (Serial_Killaz_VIP)’, Dizzee Rascal – ‘Freaky Freaky’, The Young Punx – ‘MASHitUP (Junior Black Remix), The Young Punx – ‘MASHitUP (Kam Denny Dub)’, Blue Pearl – ‘Naked in the rain (Sidechains mix)’, Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls on parade’, Major Lazer – ‘Can’t Stop’, Duck Sauce – “You’re Nasty”, Newham Generals – ‘Bell Dem Slags’, Chacaron VS Sugarhill Gang – “Chaca’s Delight”, The Young Punx – “You, You, You”, Greg Holden – “Strings”, Toto – “Africa”. FIRST BROADCAST NOVEMBER 2009.

ep26. FIRE ALARM!!!

Following on DIRECTLY from recording Episode 25, under the influence of too many beers Nathan played a ROCKER of a deep club DJ set. Then the fire alarm went off. As did the party. Pretty intense.

Music in this show: Boy 8-Bit – Chapel of Ghouls, Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (All Night Long) (Trentemoller Remix), Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You, Seductive – Ultimate Rise feat. Luxx (Jamaican Remix), L-Vis 1990 – Ultimate Groove Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo – Moombah (Afrojack Remix), Nadastrom – Pussy, Dirty Funker – Flat Beat (Tube & Berger Remix), Maurizio Gubellini – Insane (Vocal Mix), Zombie Disco Squad – Vie, Mogwai – I Am A DJ (Horrors Mix), Wolfgang Gartner – The Grey Agenda, Spencer & Hill – Cool (Afrojack Remix), Mason – At The Hippo Bar, Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There (Dub), Renaissance Man – Dubbo. FIRST BROADCAST OCTOBER 2009.


The first of classic era of shows presented by Hal, Betto and Nathan together. Nathan attempts to eat a microwaved ‘Great British Menu Turkey Dinner’. Hal puts a call out to find Betto a girlfriend. Michael Jackson dies. Betto sings a song about his balls. All in a days work.

Music in this show : Phonat – “Set Me free (Avicii Mix)”, The Young Punx – “Ready or the fight (Feat count bass D)”, “Holiday Lover” (Dizzee Rascal “Holiday” VS Prince “I wanna be your lover”, Sharooz – “Adrenalyze”, Calvin Harris “Not alone (Doorly Mix)”, Diplo and Laidback Luke – “Hey (Black Noise Mix)”, Deltawave – “Rock n Roll Medusa”, Sakanaction – “Ame (B)”, The Young Punx – “It Doesn’t Stop”, Caged Baby – “Medicine”, The Young Punx – “Rock Star (Understand) [Shinichi Osawa Mix]”, Hott 22 – “Wicked Games (Thomas Gold Mix)”, Spinal Tap – “(Funky) Sex Farm”, Riton – “Who’s There”, Ezio – “The same mistake as me”, Phonat – “It’s for you”. FIRST BROADCAST AUGUST 2009.